Horsley residents are at present being asked to arrange appointments at Epsom Racecourse, G Live and Superdrug in Guildford High Street. Parking at Epsom Downs and G Live is simple and well organised but there are practical problems at Superdrug for people with mobility problems as it is not possible to park within a reasonable distance and requires people to walk at least 150 yards.

I went to Epsom Downs with an elderly neighbour on Tuesday and was very impressed with the whole operation - there are 10 vaccination stations, we were able to move through quickly and were out within 40 minutes of arrival - other people I have spoken to have been taking up to 90 minutes - suspect the later in the day your appointment the longer it may take. At no time was anybody standing in the open - you are requested to sit in your car until called and if you have been driven there your driver will be able to go in with you. There are easily accessible spaces for anybody whose mobility is impaired. Some of you may have seen reports of 'chaos' at Epsom on Monday but it seems as though these were teething problems on the first day of operation.

G Live is also getting good reports with people moving through efficiently - there is a drop off point near the side entrance and vehicles then move in to the car park which is reserved for people attending for their vaccination. Once you have been dropped off or walked from the car park you go straight in to be processed.

The Community Bus is available via Kelvin Hayes on 01483 283314 or 07530 167283 if you wish to access this service.

West Horsley Wheel of Care is also available to transport West Horsley residents and can be contacted via the Duty Officer on 01483 281703 between the hours of 10.00 & midday Monday to Friday.

It is simply to let you know that there is some support in our local community to help any members who may need transport to attend vaccination centres.

The Horsleys community minibus will be available to enable any elderly or vulnerable residents of The Horsleys and surrounding areas to get to vaccination appointments.