The following Committee Members were elected at the 2020 Annual General Meeting and have agreed to remain in post until such time as we are able to hold the 2021 Annual General Meeting



david lush David Lush   01483 280267  
Treasurer Richard Deighton Richard Deighton 01483 285251  
Secretary Robbi Robson Robbi Robson  01483 285031  
Membership david lush     01483 280267  
Volunteer Leader Peter Tallon Peter Tallon     01483 283163  
Committee Member Ian Eversden Ian Eversden   01372 456854  
IT and Audio Visual Tony Heaney Tony Heaney   01483 284347  
Groups Organiser   Wendy Sampson      
Speaker Programme Mel Beynon Mel Beynon     01483 283498  
Committee   Paul Dodgson    07711 330852  
Committee   Tony Dinkin    07711 933861  
Assisting the Committee Mark Mark Blowers  01483 281221 Website 
Assisting the Committee   June Blackwell     Hospitality
Assisting the Committee   David Hewson      Communications
Assisting the Committee   Kelvin Hayes     Notices
Assisting the Committee   Meryl Hayes     Publications Design