The Music Appreciation group meets in members’ homes on a monthly basis – usually on the afternoon of the third Wednesday in the month. Members take it in turn to host the meeting and there is usually a theme to the recordings played.

Donald McLean, who until recently was the group’s organiser, encouraged everyone to provide recordings on a Christmas theme.

More recently, a meeting entitled Desert Island Discs showed the breadth of the member’s tastes in music. They ranged from romantic melodies and stirring choruses to a concerto by Shostakovich.

This year we plan to have inter alia an illustrated talk by Valerie Thompson on Arab influences on Spanish music, and in September an organ recital and talk by John Bartlett at St Martin’s church.  Performing musicians will always be welcome at our meetings.

Local Concerts

Members are encouraged to attend nearby concerts. Why not join them?

For the latest list please contact Tom Stevenson: 01483 282954