The History group has a full programme of talks by members, talks by external speakers; group discussions; visits to exhibitions, and visits to sites of interest. All U3A members are welcome. The ideas, enthusiasm and  support of our members has enabled us to enjoy a full programme of talks for a number of years.  We have the following programme of talks for 2020. 

Tuesday, 28th January          

A History of Military Uniforms                           

Mark Blowers

Tuesday, 25th February       

Emma Hamilton: The Infamous Life of Britain's most unlikely Ambassador in History

Bob Spackman

Tuesday, 24th March           

West Horsley Place: the House and its History         

June Davey 

Tuesday, 28th April               

The Great Exhibition of 1851 and its Legacy        

Tom Stevenson

Tuesday, 26th May              

Two Talks:

The Foreign Office Building and its Secrets  

Metal Detecting: History in Your Hands                   


Stephen Day

Michael Grinter 

Tuesday, 23rd June              

The Three Richards

Ken Foy

Tuesday, 22nd September    

Winston Churchill's Most Agonising Decisions

David Williams

Tuesday, 27th October        

Three Talks on the Topic 'Popular Uprisings:'

The Peasants' Revolt 

Kett's Rebellion

The Peterloo Massacre                             


Joy Campbell

Denise Smee 

Joy Davis

Tuesday, 24th November         

The Historical Significance of the Bayeux Tapestry

Graham Davey 


ALL MEETINGS are at 4.15 for 4.30pm on the 4th Tuesday of each month in East Horsley Village Hall.   There are also plans for one or two visits to local sites of historical interest.

At the moment with the Covid outbreak the History Group talks are being carried out via Zoom.

This programme reflects the wide range of member interests. We expect it to evolve in line with those interests.  New member are welcome. Please contact

David Williams ()