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Road Riders

Mondays and Thursdays or Fridays.

09.15am, usually either junction of A246 and Greendene or The Sir Douglas Haig Inn, Effingham.

30-40 miles. Often includes N Downs and Surrey Hills.

May step up to longer rides if training for sportive etc.

Around 4hrs including obligatory coffee and cake stop.

Road cyclist able to maintain av speed of around 14mph.

Road bikes advised.

Tuesday Riders


9.30am Horsley Station Approach unless otherwise indicated.

Varied. 15-25 miles. May be on-road, off-road, flat or hilly.

Around 4hrs including obligatory coffee and cake stop.

These are intermediate rides with av. speed usually 10mph. Suitable for hybrids. Some rides not suitable for road bikes.

Easy Riders


9.30am Horsley Station Approach.

12-16 miles. Some light off road work e.g. Bookham Common.

Around 3-4 hours including obligatory coffee and cake stop.

Av. speed 8mph with frequent stops. Suitable for hybrids.

Friday Intermediate Road Riders


9.15am Horsley Station Approach.

Usually a fixed route via Greendene, Staple Lane, Clandon, Send and Ripley. Occasionally go to Box Hill.

Around 3 hours (20-27 miles) including coffee and cake stop.

Intermediate road riders with average speed around 12 mph. Suitable for road bikes and hybrids.


Please note details may vary from ride to ride.