Species, Hybrids, Scented, Miniatures

Many can be easily grown on your windowsill!

Hi – I’m Jean

I am a member of the Orchid Society of Great Britain and grow many different orchids—and other exotics. The most well known orchids are Phalaenopsis, the Moth orchid, grown in vast quantities as pot plants, but :

  • Orchids are one of the largest groups of flowering plants in the world.
  • They grow in all continents except Antarctica with a huge variety of shapes and forms, many very fragrant.
  • Orchids are perennial plants with different growth habits. One large group growing in or near the surface of the ground are known as terrestrials, mainly from temperate zones.
  • In their natural environment many orchids live on trees, shrubs or rocks: these are known as epiphytes.

We have a U3A group for members interested in Orchids. A few meetings have been held– at my home with an introduction to growing different species and hybrids, a look at plants growing in my greenhouse followed by a slide show of many different types in flower - and tea and chat. Other meetings, held outdoors in a garden marquee, included a ‘hands-on’ session of potting up members’ own orchids; plants divided and shared; a short talk and introduction to growing Paphiopedilums (Slipper Orchids) with a demonstration of growing from flask seedlings, division and general discussion - - also an introduction to Neofinetia Falcata - culture and presentation of these Japanese miniature scented orchids..

You don’t have to have a greenhouse to grow these exotic plants. Many are very easy - if you enjoy growing plants you can grow orchids. Maybe you are interested to just admire their beauty. If more people are interested we can arrange a greater variety of meetings, guest speakers etc. to present slide shows of orchid journeys, visits to shows, growers, etc.

If you are attracted by these plants you are welcome to join us. We do not hold regular sessions.

Interested?        Contact Jean:    Tel: 01483 284467