Members might be interested to learn that Jill Richardson-Jones, who runs our 'Pencil Art for All' group, has a mention in the latest copy (Summer 2020) of Third Age Matters.  It is on page 35 under the title: 'Made something lovely?'.

Members may not be aware that Third Age Matters has a new editor, Joanne Smith.  She is bringing a fresh look to the publication and, to my mind, the articles included are more interesting and have a more up to date feel about them.  Given that I have heard stories of members binning their copies as soon as they arive in the post, I hope they will now take a fresh look at the publication.

Financially, the publication is supported by the income it receives from advertisers and in particular those for holidays.  Clearly, with holidays abroad being almost impossible at the moment, these firms are witholding their advertisements until arrangements for overseas travel are relaxed.

I would also hope that members are aware of the series of Newsletters published by Head Office.  The latest was issued on the 17th of June and as usual is opened with a message from the chief executive Sam Mauger.  It features stories from members, news from the Board, and developments in aech of the Trust's learning projects.  If you have never done so before why not sign up now so that you receive regular copies from now on.  Type in u3a national newsletter in your browser and click on the Newsletter sign up link